Crossover Quote #006

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“Just one more thing before we start the banquet, Baiwu tells me he’s sensed a non-human life form in the castle.”

“Your Grace, it’s the princess!”

The Child & The Keeper – Prologue

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{Mistborn fanfiction: what if Elend had a sister as well? Enjoy.}

Nya let her eyes scan the hallway as she stepped out of her bedchamber. Empty, just as she had expected. Hopefully she’d get far enough not to be spotted this time, whether the skaa came out or not. There was just one problem.


The pre-empted sound of his footsteps was nothing other than the norm for her – she had gotten over the intiial disappointment of her failed disguises months ago. The Ventures were all rather notorious for their stubborness – her father was proof enough of that – but her brother was…different.

“You’re up late,” he said as he walked out into the hallway, and right up to face her, smiling smugly as he always did when he found her like this. The strange thing was, he always seemed so surprised. As if he wasn’t expecting it.

“I was thirsty,” she said, confident as she rose to her toes in order to try and match her height – and, as always, missing by a good few inches.

“There’s water in your bedchamber.”

“I wanted wine,” she said defiantly.

Elend’s eyes widened curiously. “Oh? Has my little sister accured a taste for blurred sight and stumbled steps all of a sudden?”

The way he said it, so causal, and yet so serious too – the perfect tone used by all Great House heirs when speaking to their younger, more insignificant, unimporant siblings while maintaining a certain grace – was enough to make her blush. All the same, she still managed to meet his watchful stare all too easily. When she couldn’t think of another reason for beign where she was, he added, “Father won’t be pleased if he finds out.”

But you won’t tell him. “He won’t,” she agreed reluctantly.

“You don’t sound so sure.” Smiling, Elend gestured to the book tucked under his arm. Nyah hadn’t even spared it so much as a thought – he always had some kind of writing with him. “Found some light reading.”

Nya rolled her eyes, but her brother simply grinned even more. “Pre-Ascension based, I assume.”

He nodded, just a touch hesitant. “I have a feeling it’ll be hard to hide.”

“I’ll bet.”

Gesturing with his free hand toward the door of her bedchamber – which was sitting ajar, she realised quickly – he raised one eyebrow suggestively. “Back to bed, little sister.”

“But I want to talk,” she pleaded.

“We can talk tomorrow,” he promised, ushering her backward persuasively. “Right now, I need to get back to sleep, and so do you.”

She allowed him to get her back inside the room, but stayed standing at the end of the bed, rather than going straight back to bed as he had expected her to. “What?” she asked innocently, when his eyes narrowed.

“I meant go to bed, Nya.”

She clasped her hands behind her back, hidden so that he couldn’t see the scratches from where she’d hurt herself falling in the alleyway that week. “The skaa aren’t sleeping,” she said, blinking with innocence.

“Everyone sleeps when the mists come out.”

Why do the mists frighten everyone? “The skaa never sleep. Father works them too hard to let them sleep.”

Elend didn’t say anything, but only placed a smaller book, which Nya hadn’t realised he was carrying, on the bed.

“I want you to read that before I do,” he told her, oblivious to the horrified expression on her face. Reading? For pleasure? Maybe Elend liked it, but that was just him. He liked the history, the facts. He wanted to know these things. Nya, on the other hand…

“I don’t like reading,” she retorted, instinctively.

“That doesn’t matter,” he said, emotionless. “I want you to read it, and then I want your honest opinion on what you learn from it.”

“I won’t learn anything,” she assured him fiercely. “Books are stupid.”

Nodding sadly, he stepped backwards towards the door, and waved, almost as if he were saying goodbye for the last time. “The skaa weren’t always our slaves,” he said, and the door closed without a sound behind him.

“What do you mean?” she called out, trying to keep her voice at a low enough volume not to wake anyone else.

But there was no answer.

He was already gone.

Crossover Quote #005

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“Last time I only failed by the narrowest of narrowest margins.”

“You what? You died!”

“That’s a total lie.”

“No it’s not. I saw you myself.”

“‘No it’s not, I saw you myself.’ If you must know, Lyra, I let him escape. I could’ve killed him right there and then, but I didn’t. I restrained myself, and I paid the price.”

“Yeah, yeah. My niece had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

Name Generators (Among Many)

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Practically the greatest bane of my existence (no, not Magnus, please stop) must be coming up with names. So this post is – hopefully – going to compile a pretty good list of name generators.

See, it’s all good and well telling us fantasy writers to “just observe the names you see on a daily basis and use those”, but we are now at the point where if the names of your characters don’t sound like they at least don’t actually exist in real life, then they can’t fit the genre. And, without further ado, we begin.

Note: I’ve also included generators for other stuff like clothes. (I have to put the URLs because otherwise they’re too hard to find)

This is probably one of the biggest sites for name generators I’ve come across yet. From left to right, there’s fantasy names, real names, place names, miscellaneous and even descriptions. And, under each heading, there’s a drop-down menu of oh, so many different sub-categories. They even have individual bits for LotR, aSoIaF, and the Elder Scrolls (whatever that is…), as well as Mass Effect and Star Wars.

This one’s a bit simpler than FNG, but great nonetheless, and my personal favourite when it comes to name generators, since it will save each name you’ve generated onto a list at the bottom of the webpage for you until you leave the browser, and you can copy a huge, hulking long list of names into a Word document afterwards (which I have often done), rather than having to copy each one individually. There’s also email address generators (in case your character needs a real snappy-sounding email in the story), screen names and Youtube username generators, though I have next to no clue as to why, really. And also, it has a WoW name generator too.

This is one I found courtesy of the Writers’ Forum magazine I try to read as constantly as possible. It not only has all kinds of generators, including some for helping with characters’ development and teensy tiny plot holes *covers gaping hole in story with self conspicuously*, but writing challenges! WRITING CHALLENGES FOR EVERY MONTH!

I say it with the utmost confidence, that this site is awesome! Every menu has at least, I don’t know, half a dozen options. Even potions! Potions! Also, Steven Savage (the super-cool guy who runs the thing) posts all the time on his blog thing, which is on the site as well, about world-building, creating alien races, all that kind of super-awesome stuff.

Also known as Serendipity. This one’s a bit more restrictive about how many actual generators there are, and it will only give you one name at a time, but quite a few of my favourite names came from there. And it also has Japanese, French and Medieval names, place names, and book titles.


And, of course, there’s so many different writing prompt blogs on Tumblr, too. Among the ones I follow are: creative-writingprompts, maraudererawriting (which is, as you may have guessed, mainly for HP fanfiction), cabeswaterprompts, and writingprompts.

Crossover Quote #004

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“Fallowby, have you ever been hit over the head with a large blunt object? No? Shut up then.”

Crossover Quote #003

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“If she once again refers to me as a traitor or an idiot, I’ll take that torch and set her poofy fringe on fire.”

My Theories

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Right, so, theories. Although the above should probably say my conspiracy theories, since they probably aren’t even the slightest bit true, and I kinda hope one of them isn’t. But, anyway, yes! To the theories…

1. The world has not been fully mapped for a reason.

Okay, so you know those maps of the world that take up the whole sheet of paper/card/whatever? And they had those keys for the countries with the densest populations and smallest landmass and so on? Well, on some maps, the key actually takes up part of the ocean. And I think that Utalentia is hidden underneath it.

Note: we were doing icebreaker things in Science yesterday with our new teacher, and we had to say where we’d like to live. I said Utalentia (obviously!) and he asked me where it was. Off the coast of South America, I said.

2. GGRM is lying to everyone.

I think this is rather self-explanatory. People say the book’s about 3/4 edited, but he won’t give a release date, or anything. So this makes me think that maybe it’s already finished, and he just doesn’t want to let anyone read it.

3. Tumblr is right about something spooky.

The other day I was surfing tumblr, as you do, and I came across this one rather unnerving post. Basically, the idea was that maybe if you have a phobia of something, then that thing is what killed you in a past life.

Now, I don’t know exactly what I have a phobia of, but I know that I’m pretty scared of one of my teachers.

(Yep, that’s right – only three. Don’t have anymore.)

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