Because I Cannot Donate…

Alright, here’s the thing. Onion (aka David Ball to people who don’t understand OW PBP) asks people to donate to the running of the Ongoing Worlds website (very cool – smegging awesome!) where many a roleplayer lives out their mind-numbingly bored days waiting to go and post up on their favourite PBP (i.e. Blue Dwarf, The Institution…et cetera…) and see what their role-playing best mates have written while they were at school/work/just out. The running of one of the coolest things out there on the web (besides this here blog, of course…!) is not the cheapest thing in the world, and it is Onion’s hobby, he says.

I cannot donate. I just cannot, for numerous reasons that stay my own, and only that. So this is basically an advertisement, explaining all of the games I am in/have been in at some point in the past, and descriptions about them. Go Onion! :-) (I get a feeling that’s his favourite emoticon.)



The Wizard School of Aetherion has never been well liked by the town’s people. And by which I mean, most people scorn it’s very name if they even acknowledge it’s very existence. Outside of the peaceful village, it’s one of the biggest attractions, and there’s no-one who hasn’t heard of it’s antics which is covered in the popular publication – Spellbound.


The Wizard School of Aetherion only teaches the basic magic of an elemental nature to new mages. This means, fire, water, wind, earth, wood, lightning. This evolves into greater, more complex magic later on.


Phantasmagoria (GM)

Latest Story Summary

The day of the School Trip has arrived. Professor Coo is looking rather pleased with herself about this year’s excursion. The natural and healthy response by the students of worry and doubt is well justified!

The Institution


This story is about a institution for young children set in America . It is where they go instead of prison. Create whatever character you want and make anything you want, happen to them, this game dosn’t have to take place in the school. In this game you can be a pupil, teacher. I have deliberately not put much background information as I want the to be made up as we go along. This game did start a while ago but it has lacked posts recently so it can be a completely new story line.
Good luck!


*You can’t kill other peoples characters unless you have permission from the characters owner
*If you want to join but you don’t know whats happening, then just make an OCC post and I will tell you
*I will give out some awards for random different things

If you have any suggestions to make the game better just say at the bottom of a post and if it’s good I will!


Emz2210 (GM)

Latest Story Summary

NoneShadow Dust has just murdered Katrina Forest, and Emilia Greenwich is mourning. Not quite sure what is currently going on with Firah.

The Life At Hogwarts


You are a student at the marvelous school of Hogwarts. Some of you are new, some of you have been here before but all of you have very exciting years ahead. I am your headmistress, Minerva McGonagall. Welcome to Hogwarts!


1. No learning spells your year doesn’t know.
2. Professors do give “Homework” But you don’t have to to do it. We don’t give questions. We sometimes make up grades. Sorry if that is inconvenient.
3. You can’t say what house you are, because we sort you, no matter what year. It will be in an OOC post and you answer questions via comment.
5. For the newest students must go to Diagon Ally before beginning their journey. Older students must have what they think are required.

Any breaking of these rules will result in expulsion of your character from Hogwarts.


Ralazie (GM)

Latest Story Summary

None. This game is fairly new to the Ongoing Worlds site, though still pretty cool. All pupils are preparing for the beginning of the new year, and my own character, Eilidh, is having troubles with being ruthlessly hunted by blood-crazed dementors.

A Thousand Years Fatherless In Griffinfall


The realm is in great disarray. Princess Joanna, heiress to the Utalentia throne, is in torment, after being left at the altar by the well-meaning Curtis Chaffe. Some think the man a fiend to be left to his own devices now, but others know better. he has been taken by someone. Who, no-one knows. The city of Everwinter is in uproar, it’s inhabitants demanding death to Curtis Chaffe, the lost husband-to-be, and all he stands for, including his father, Lord Benjamin Chaffe of Griffinfall. If blood must be spilt on his floors, he is quick to make it known that such actions will not be taken lightly.
However, not all is lost. Joanna has a daughter. Embrystical is merely a child, but must survive the tedious years in the harshest environment of Griffinfall’s citadel, with only a kid mage for company. Moreover, above all else, she strives to put an end to the tiring war between her parents, and, perhaps, one day, bring her father home.


– No obvious god modders/Mary Sues/Gary Stus
– No silly halflings
– No elvin children
– Read the introductory post if you are unsure when creating your character(s)

– No god modding
– Check with the other members via e-mail before taking us on a whimsical new turn of events
– Don’t make other characters use vulgar language unless you have their permission
– Make sure to talk to one of the moderators if you need help with anything. Anything at all.


Embrystical (GM)



Latest Story Summary

None. We don’t have enough posts in ATYFIG to have it enabled. Basically, Anyu Satta has just been put out of service, Embrystical Chaffe is angry with her mother for not talking to her, and Hazma Danku is vengeful about his companion’s unemployment. 

Blue Dwarf


Trapped on the wrong side of the galaxy, the crew have been in stasis for 3 million years, waiting for the Cadmium II radiation to subside. Now they’ve woken, they’ve found the Blue Dwarf isn’t exactly how they left it and are slowly having to come to terms with what it is to be one of the last humans left alive.

This is a story-based roleplaying game based on the sci-fi TV series Red Dwarf. The crew aren’t heroes, they’re just normal smegheads trying to survive in a dangerous universe. Join now and continue the story of the Blue Dwarf.


This game is based on the TV series Red Dwarf and therefore may contain content of an adult nature including violence, sexual content and offensive language, for this reason we recommend you be over 15 years of age when joining.
We will not be held responsible for anyone below the recommended age being exposed to such content.


Onion (GM)



Alex Solvay

Latest Story Summary

Having agreed to help Jay Chrysler find their missing compatriot Cassandra Jones, the crew are first attempting to figure out how to eradicate a computer virus that has mysteriously manifested on the shipboard systems, and have entered an AR game in order to combat it.



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